Alf Stewart: Because I've got a tag on the flamin' thing with my flamin' name on it! Angelo Rosetta: That's ENOUGH! Alf Stewart | Home And Away Soap Opera Wiki | Fandom image. Alf: Gee, Don. Welcome To Actors Centre Australia Home And Away Star Georgie Parker Says She Chose Family Home And Away Actors, Home And Away 31 Best Inspirational Women Over 40 Images On Pinterest. Adam Cameron: [laughing as he finds the coin] You beauty! You can help if you like. Half my age, double my qualifications, wears a skirt. Sergeant Bob Barnett: Well, with all these enemies running around, It mighn't have been a bad idea to keep updating your security systems, Don't you reckon? Ric: [after Daisy enthusiastically greets him] Do I know you? Members account. Ashleigh Brewer, are you the real live living breathing Ashleigh Brewer that players Chelsea Campbell on home and away? What do you think about that! Alf: She's gonna want to kick someone, mate, and Elijah's the other side of the flaming Indian Ocean.So who's she gonna kick?You. Eh? deleted in the past. I could've flamin' drowned in there! I knew I shoulda done this meself. Donald Fisher: Why haven't you changed into your sports uniform? Penn Graham: Haven't We heard this before, Alfie? Alf: Do I have to pick ya up and throw ya out? What makes you think I'll listen any more than I did those other times? Steven: [Steven has had enough, grab Jeff and Judo throws him over his shoulder on the ground and stands on him holding his arm] Eat, Sand Barlow! You took a bit of a nasty fall back there. Martin Dibble: Uh, I always keep me ears to the ground. Now get out of my shop before you ruin my business completely! You're Gonna Feel the Leather of my belt! He said he knew you. We were in this together. Tom Fletcher: What the hell do you know about that? Irene: [after finding out Damian is the cheat and Don suspends him] One Week... You deserve to be *flogged*! Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: You mean you really got no idea? Sid: Wouldn't matter.Probably, by then, I won't have any friends to call. Nate: That's because you tricked them into thinking it never rains. come let's get this classroom back in some sort of order! You've got ten minutes and I never ever wanna see your ugly mug again! Lance Smart: You're back! Wouldn't they? Let's hear it again! #16. John: I know I've got to buckle in and prepare for a whole heap of wedding madness, but I really hope that you will be kind and patient with me when you realise that I have absolutely nothing to contribute. That's my car; Come back here! Donald Fisher: [Calling after Blake following his scuffle with Steven] Blake! Out! Donald Fisher: Ye... Loyalty doesn't come into it. Alf: What the *hell* are you talking about? Alf Stewart: Yeah, it used to be. Alfsters, Appreciation of the legend Alf Stewart. Contents. You'd need a mind to be one of them. I mean, you're very smart, Mrs. Smart. Leah: I can see how he sees it as a bit of a wall. Irene: Option one:You keep pushing those feelings down until he leaves town. Dani: [to Noah] Okay, you didn't say you were getting her an engagement ring but that's what you were saying, right? Rhys: Er, that's because you're tone deaf as well.Which, come to think of it, is probably where she gets it from. Celia Stewart: I have always prided myself on respect for the truth; and I take *exception* to others who take advantage of this. Dylan Parrish: [as they are about to leave Summer Bay] Mummy, Do they have beaches in England? Willie: ALF, please stay away from the window. Now get out of my sight! Irene: I don't give a *stuff* about your magazine! Henry: Maddie, do you know why people take an instant dislike to you? Are you gonna serve me or not? Donald Fisher: Yes, he's also trouble. Carly Morris: [after she catches her hair in Sally's fly paper] Just get it out, Tom; It's revolting! You might be in for some hard times lately but that gives you *no* excuse to backchat me. Stace was evicted from her own flat, I said she could stay here a while. BREAKING: “Stone the flamin’ crows” actual saying Monday, March 11th, 2013. Donald: Then just put it on one side, alright? Alan Stone: Don't be so damned cheeky! Alf: Do us a favour, will you?Call me Alf, just this once. [sees small box] What's in 'ere? It's gotta be there! Alf: I hope you realise you owe me a new pair of strides! Trystan: [Snorts] I wanna captain the Wallabies. Gypsy: No, totally reformed.What about you, have you given up gossiping? “Strike me roan” again came from that Dirranbandi area, from a bloke called Bill Kean who was a real character. Alf: I don't wanna hear your excuses, young fella. Told ya! Andrew Foley: I'm looking for miss "Lemon Lips"! Now you're Seagull meat! #17. The reason I'm here is because of the insurance money. Hugo: I might have a little surprise on the boil.You never know. Alf Stewart Home And Away Sheet Music Brother Kid Sayings Child Lyrics Kids Something Ray Meagher’s (Alf Stewart from Home & Away) eldest brother Col said to him as a kid that shaped how he’s lived his life. But I don't deserve this! Alf Stewart: That's enough outta you lot; Bye-laws are Bye-laws. Donald Fisher: [after Morag has exposed Danny for who he really is, much to Bobby's distress] You are without doubt, the most despicable, vindictive, *venomous* woman I have ever had the misfortune to meet! Colleen Smart: Wait until Madge Wilkins hears about this! Ric: [about to follow Kit to the maternity ward] Hey, do you reckon we'll be allowed to watch? [Greg, Sam and Morag walk off; Adam holds his head]. I’ve got nothing against Americans, they’re lovely, but we’re Australians. Maurice 'Revhead' Gibson: You touch me, mate and I'll get the cops onto you. Spencer: Ohhh, remember when we talked about not saying weird stuff out loud? Luke Cunningham: You haven't checked the board. Sasha: They're not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.Emphasis on tools. Dani: Or perfume or towels or those whirly soapy things. John: Ah, actually, I think I'm a little worse. Greg Marshall: [after walking back on the trail at the ranch while Bobby and Sam ride horses] I've got blisters the size of Golf balls down here! Alf Stewart: [to Curtis, after catching him drinking after training] You Flamin' Galah! Me and You, We connect. Tug: Get your hands off me! Max Sutherland: You can say that again. The Spinoff is a New Zealand online magazine covering politics, pop culture and social issues. You'll take as much as I can dish out, Mr Big Man! Well, you're not *that* clever, Let me tell you! Jelly? sounds more like a bad case of indigestion! Alf Stewart: If I hear one more squawk out of you, I'll have the cops do you for tresspassing! Adam killed Bobby! Irene: I'm ashamed of ya. Alf: Now, a smart bloke might take her at her word. Irene: [Another bidder puts in an offer for the Beach House] Who's that? Ken: Usual drill. Web. Alf Stewart: Don't talk absolute twaddle, Cameron! The trust I put in you all these years. We use Policy to help decide who to vote for. Penn Graham: You're all weak. Alf Stewart. ", Alf Stewart: [depressed after Ailsa's death] I don't care if the flamin' diner sinks to the bottom of the sea, [trying to put together a chair with a then-alcoholic Irene]. Alf: Well you can do your deliveries for free for the next couple of weeks. [Shane and Damian] I wondered when you two would show your heads. The blasted hide of 'im! Shane Parrish: It'll do, I'm not gonna take it down again. Luke: [enters the classroom] You know what your trouble is; you're just not as clever as you think you are. John: Age before beauty, mate.And fortunately I've got plenty of both. It's useless! [Boys get up to leave]. 614 likes. Leah Patterson: Yeah, well the police have cleared him of throwing that *molitov* cocktail. Alan Stone: [Threatening] Just wait til' tomorrow at school! Marilyn Chambers: Lance Smart, You're a Gentleman and a Scallop! Lance Smart: I tell you what, If you frizz it up, no-one can tell it's been hacked! Celia Stewart: You can't bluff me, Stacey Macklin. Karen Dean: [Scared now] What do you think he'll do to me? And I wouldn't go to the police with silly stories like that! Marilyn Chambers: He didn't give me time to think! The only reason you called it off is because I wouldn't come across and the only reason I said know is because I thought you were *better* than the others. Adam: I'm going. Jay Everitt: You [to Martin] What I'm saying to you is Winners never quit!and [to Roo] Quitters never Win! Jazz Curtis: I'm a woman. Alf Stewart: [Alf lays into Jesse verbally about car theft] I heard about you you young HOON! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Irene: You heard! Roman: I've still got work to do for tonight. Martha: [On which wire to cut] It's obviously the black ones. Carly Morris: If that's the answer to last night's prayer, then I'm an atheist! Tug O'Neale: You're just doin' it, to crack onto Sarah. She's gone into labour. I've had a gutful; I'm sick of that little turkey calling the shots. Angelo: I'll get Charlie to help me with the first few patrols. Celia Stewart: You don't go around murdering people, no matter *what* they've done! Donald: Sarah, just stay where you are. Apart from trusting you... Steven Matheson: Oh, You're off your HEAD! Graham Walters: Yes, we do. Alf Stewart: [Alf has returned from being overseas for three months] Stone the flamin' crows! Amanda Vale: Why don't you just keep your nose out of it, you little insect? Marilyn Chambers: Right, no Razoos. Lindsay: Interesting fact, just putting it out there:My dad normally gives me some cash before I go shopping. Now get out of here before I call the cops! Belle Taylor: Why? Damian Roberts: [spots Angel wearing a "Summer Bay Fish Shop" shirt] Is that where you're working? Sid Walker: I think you might have concussion, Penn. There! Alf Stewart: [to Irene when she messes up her dance steps] You couldn't read instructions if they were written a mile high in flamin' whiskey bottles and that's sayin' something! Stacey Macklin: You can't do that, they've got a lease! Roo: I'd forgotten how annoying you can be. Pin on Gambling image. Angelo Rosetta: You know, you haven't tasted real coffee until you've had it in my kitchen. Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: Oh don't try'n pretend you're innocent. We're gonna get along just fine. Jack Wilson: Does this mean I can get the day off? Shane: I should really explain the ding in the side of your car. Celia Stewart: No, they haven't. Ernie Jacobs: [Puts a coin on the counter] Here, Give me some change for the phone. Far out! For Fifty Bucks. Blake Dean: [to another Student after being told off by Crawford] You're up mate, just make sure you don't trip over the broomstick; it's right next to the dumbells in the corner. You shouldn't take things so seriously! Wanna see if we can fly? Adam Cameron: Hey, Alf. Can you come to show and tell? Leah: Rach, you didn't just scratch the car. Leah: And what have I told you about knocking? Blake Dean: Man, she makes Schwarzenegger look like Bambi. Alf Stewart: Fine. You've had more run-ins with the cops than I've had hot dinners! [turns attention to Steven doing push-ups] How many, Matheson? Public Figure It's about following your heart, against the odds, no matter the repercussions. Andrew Foley: Are you implying that I have had one too many? [turns to students in corridor] No-one is to leave the school grounds until all the events are finished. Nathan: It's alright, Mum. Alf Stewart: [Alf rehires Marilyn] I don't want any slacking, Marilyn. Jett: No, look it's... it's OK. I want you *all* out by next week, and that's final. Graves: Why do people keep getting killed here then? [yanks Zac's bag away, Zac tries to wrestle it away it away from Jack who pulls out a can of spray paint] Aha! Chris: She knows I work here. [tosses him clothes] Now start packin'! Dexter: Either that or we've slipped into a space/time continuum and we're back in 1893. [to Alf who tries to rub the paint off] Don't that, mate you'll make it worse! Shauna: Do you ever take no for an answer? Roan is a colour. If I ever see you around here, you'll get more trouble than you'll know what to do with. Emma Jackson: Come off it; You're treating me like I'm a kid again. It’s a particular lunatic’s version of an old expression, there’s really no logical sense to any of it. Sam Nicholls: Wow! Shane: No, *You* eat it. I'll deal with this. Adam: Well, there's something I wanna tell ya... Greg: Look, you... You just get outta here, Adam. Are you a total idiot? Rabbit: Um... maybe the employment section instead of Garfield. Anyone'd think I was runnin' a library. Alf Stewart: He's as crooked as a dog's hind leg! He is the show’s one constant, a stubborn old bloke standing firm against the tide of change and shouting “now hold on a flamin’ minute.”. Shop unique cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and more. Ochmonek residence. Ailsa Stewart: Don't be silly, that's not why we're stopping you seeing the boy at all. And Don't try to stop me; 'cause if you do I'll have you charged with attempting to pervert the course of Justice! Alf Stewart: Because this isn't just *any* crab. Sam: [Sees Adam on the beach and goes to pick up a stick] Get off our beach! Sasha: No-one is better at ruining romance than you. Alf Stewart: Look at me flamin' trousers, I might as well chuck 'em out! Alf Stewart: What happened to that last one; You drop it on the way home? Well that fills me with confidence. Before someone strings him up! Celia Stewart: That is *enough* out of you! Donald Fisher: [Fisher enters class dressed as a punk after learning of a student mutiny] Oh, Don't mind me; Let's get down and get right back up again, shall we? Alf Stewart: At the expense of friendship? Home and Away (often abbreviated as H&A) is an Australian television soap opera. Sasha: I will remember this when you are old and penniless and asking me for phone credit. Matilda Hunter: Who do you have your eye on? [surveys foot]. What more can I say? Rosie: Since I'm no good at self-defence and had to make something up quickly. Alf: Miles, you know I can't serve alcohol in here until after four o'clock. This is my establishment and I will not be a party to the degradation of the moral fibre of summer bay! Jack Holden: [To Martha] You're my priority. Morag Bellingham: Well, it so happens you have your facts *wrong*, Alfred. Blake Dean: What do we have to do? Lottie: Well, obviously not an actual genius but still... you've made me think of a great idea! Miles: [reading the paper] Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Alf: [Alf and Pippa try to find out who has been calling an 0055 number and listen to the content] Strewth! Ruby Buckton: No, but it's true! I've had a gutful! By accident. I'm only pulling your leg. Cats are small carnivorous mammals native to planets Earth and Melmac.On Earth, cats are usually kept as pets, while on Melmac they are usually served on lunch, breakfast or dinner.. Zac: This town, was it built on an ancient Indian burial ground or something? Ruby: Why do I have to be born into a family of cops? Do You know what you are? Claws the crab! I mean, What if some kid accidentally dialled that number? I have a responsibility to... to try and instill some values and sense of responsibility into these students! Ernie Jacobs: [after Adam's flea bomb nearly kills him; Jacobs comes to the store to rant] I'll have *all* of you for this! Top 10 Barney Stinson Quotes to Live By. Penn Graham: [mockingly] Mr Stewart, please no! It's devilishly tricky. Bianca: She broke in here, trashed the place.It's insane. He said his customer was in a hurry. Now get going before I find something sharp! Frank Morgan: [Lance has brought Marilyn to Summer Bay to meet his friends] Hi. Do us and yourself a favour by clicking here to start a FREE 30 day trial of this truly wonderful service. Alf Stewart: Holy Dooley, I won't put up with that from you or anybody else now GET OUT OF HERE! Home And Away's Alf Stewart, played by Ray Meagher, has been on the show since 1988. I think you should go, Adam. It’s somewhere between – you know if you see a chestnut horse, that deep chestnut colour, roan is a bit redder than chestnut but with a whitish sort of thing through it. Although he is first depicted as a ‘bad boy’ rule-breaker with a sense of humour, it’s obvious that Jackson is the way he is because of his dysfunctional, broken family. He started out as the most sane member of Summer Bay's most influential family, and has since undergone considerable Character Development to become the Cool Old Guy. Alf Stewart: Look, old mate. Alf Stewart: [to Joanne] If you were anymore transparent, I could see the town clock through you! Alf Stewart: [after arguing with Travis who quits and walks out] Yes, You go. Maurice 'Revhead' Gibson: She was askin' for it! *Everybody* knew that! Alf: [about the horse Irene has put some money] "Distant Rumble"? Pippa Fletcher: Andrew, you are blind drunk! A mistake. [walks off angrily, Jack holds his eye], Alf: [after Jack convinces Don to let him use the school to make a wooden stool for Pippa] He's got more hide than Jessie the Elephant, that boy. So I can throw darts at it? Revhead Gibson: Look, I'll be out and bailed in a day or two and I'll see you then, Ok? Jay Everitt: [to Roo] You look a bit hesitant, How about I start you off; "I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic!" Nick: What do you mean? Donald Fisher: Alf, what can I do for you? And I say “oh so hell’s a bad word is it, but it’s OK for the Braxtons to put guns to people’s heads and deal drugs and everything else? It's about taking a chance, it's about searching for answers, even when we're afraid of what we'll find. We don't have that sort of money! Frances: [On Donald] He's a humanitarian, isn't he? Frank Morgan: [trying to stall Bedford while Martin is running late] Can I get you any more Coffee, Mr. Bedford? Pippa Ross: [after Irene schemes to get Fin and Damian back home] Well, that means Irene wins this petty battle over them at their expense. He'll still be cold; All hunched up, nothing but eye strain from all that work and responsibility, completely unable to loosen his hair and let his belt down! Dr. Phillip Matheson: But who knows what went on up on that clifftop; The police are gonna get around to questioning me sooner or later and you're quite right; I must be pretty well near the top of their suspect list... Rebecca: I've never seen a whale but I've heard them sing. Brax: He's family.Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Irene Roberts: Oh, will you give it a rest! The Hey Dad..! Download Image Picture detail for Georgie Parker : Title: Georgie Parker Date: July 08, 2020 Size: 216kB Resolution: 900px x 900px More Galleries of Welcome To Actors Centre Australia Marilyn Chambers: Well, he said he was from across the road! Damian: Like we said, we didnt mean to do it, okay? Lance Smart: Is there anything we can do? Alf Stewart: [Spots Luke in the surf club] Aw, don't tell me I'm gonna have to deal with *you* again! Alf Stewart AKA Ray Meagher from Home & Away says Flamin' a lot. Alf Stewart: Look, Martin. Do you understand *that*? Home and Away Pick your favourite Alf Stewart quote from the following: 122 fans picked: (repeated line) The flamin' mongrel! It's not the colour of the balloon that makes it go up, it's what's *inside*. Shane Parrish: I don't think you're being paranoid at all, either. You're *jealous*, Ailsa. You'll never forgive yourself! Ailsa: Oh, no it's not! Don: Sam, come on, I've gotta get you back to school. [ushers Sam out of diner]. Joel Nash: I think you might find, kids, that this is your uncle. [Walks off, leaving Jack looking awkward while Pippa, Damian, Sam and Angel look on]. If you’d like to log in you’ll need to set up a new members account. Year Introduced: 1988 Played By: Ray Meagher (with Robert Jago playing him as a Timeshifted Actor in flashbacks) Makes sense to start with him: He's the only character to stay with the show since the first episode. Michael Ross: Just sit down and let us get you cleaned up! I'm sick of it. [turns light on] What? Irene Roberts: Yeah, well I'm sorry, but I can't help you. So my room's the one at the top of the stairs, right? Marilyn Chambers: But... you mean go home, now? Heath: Try talking to me like I'm not a kid but someone who could throw you through the window. Martin Dibble: Hey, mate. Adam: I'm only trying to help, I don't want the money! Put that down and come with me, you blokes. Neal: Well what solar system was it in? We rely on donations to fund our work. As I told you before, this is the biggest crab in Summer Bay! Research has shown... Donald Fisher: Research? 662. Quotes tagged as "alf-nestor" Showing 1-27 of 27 “He loved children and used to dandle me on his knee. Jack: [after the Lift restarts, causing Roxy to fall on top of Rob and the doors open in front of a crowd] Way to go, Rob! Xavier: I could do that... but they might say yes. Has the hunter angered the gods? And I want it done first thing in the morning. I mean think about it, her love life's been pretty much non-existent since Angelo, I mean, Colleen's getting more than she is! ALF preparing a cat sandwich. Nathan: Oh, that's good; 'Cause I don't think Mr. Fisher would take too kindly to you beating up on his staff. Mr. Wilson seems to be under the impression he will not be competing today. But one day, you're gonna hang yourself and I'll be in the front row taking photos. I'm Martin. Sam Nicholls: The Doctor said I was lucky I've got a thick head. Pippa Ross: [the Rosses are at war with Alf over the timeshare development] Typical Alf, [Imitates Alf] "Stone the flamin' crows!". Sid: Does he?You'd better give me his phone number, I'll call him and set him straight. I have been watching home and away since I was in High school,I’m 49 this year and I still never miss an episode.I think I’m the biggest fan there is! im confused (21566) 762 days ago . Tom and I are just having a quiet beer so if you don't mind... Martin Dibble: Fine by me. Your mother was right; We'll talk about this tommorow and I can assure you, You are going to be *very* sorry. Home and Away (1988–present), Australian soap opera. What they do have is a verbal, informal arrangement. That's the whole point. Andrew Foley: [Andrew drunkenly stumbles into the Macklin Corporation's cocktail party] Hi, Pippa! The Spinoff Daily gets you all the day's best reading in one handy package, fresh to your inbox Monday-Friday at 5pm. This week in the maggie uk, and renew vows, their robbo learns. I'll frizz *you* up in a minute! Travis Nash: You can't sack me, because I quit! Belle: It still hurts from where I broke it last year. And that's how rumors start. In 2015, Home and Away was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame. Alf: Why is it so difficult for young people to think about the next generation? And... and they say that I should call a friend. OUT! Just winding you up! Lie down, Miss Crawford. Face facts! If you Alf: You call that a joke young fella? Agent McNeil: He is still in police custody. One of my favourite things to do as a teenager was come straight home from school and binge eat little bags of chips while watching Home and Away. Morag: And to be fair, I could still throttle her. Xavier: I'm starting to realise you can be kind of okay. Liam: He's a reincarnated reptile that's still having trouble adapting to a warm-blooded body. [crowd cheering and whistling] Alright! 3.1 External links; Alf Stewart [depressed after Ailsa's death] I don't care if the flamin' diner sinks to the bottom of the sea. Contents. Nathan: Mr. Fisher was looking for you; He was angry about something or other. One, Two, Three! Adam Cameron: What? Alf: No! Lachlan Fraser: Mum, she's not a bowl of custard! Adam: I'm only tryin' to help you man! Click here for more information on Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical you flamin’ galah, This content, like all television coverage we do at The Spinoff, is brought to you thanks to the excellent folk at Lightbox. There is a wierd creature! You're down for three races. Donald: Well, quite frankly it's got nothing to do with you. Whatever you say. Paul: Shut up and keep tacking. [imitating Alf] He's talkin' through his flamin' hat, that's what I mean! Angelo: Alf.I've ruined everything between us. Nathan: [Irene comes home, knowing of Nathan's theft] That you, Mum? ; Your leavin' town, you're movin' out! Nobody was injured and there wasn't any damage to property. Miles: Mmm, burnt steak. Ailsa came to *me* and not the other way around and if you would stop shouting like a madman and listen for a minute... Alf Stewart: I've done all the listening I'm ever gonna do, Morag, and I wanna see my son and I wanna see him *now*! Before we go any further. [Frogmarches Zac out of the club]. Chris: [Gesturing to the television] I just heard that line. View Quote. Some cast members have won several other awards such as the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television, Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor, and Most Popular Actress. Morag Bellingham: I have put away criminals with more scruples than those wretched real estate agents. The boy is on a downhill slide! Top 20 Movies You Can Name By Hearing Just One Line. Duncan Stewart: Yeah, Right! Dexter: [leaving a phone message for Sasha] Dad just got home and you're not here, again, which means I'm about to die! Ya make me *sick*! Alf Stewart: What about loyalty to mates? [Bobby Drags Tug away, Nick looks down at his costume]. Top 10 Most Memorable Bridesmaids Quotes. Up in smoke. Never knew you cared? Ernie Jacobs: I'm talking about that *bomb* you left in my house! I have had it up to *here* with you and your pathetic games! That expression has been around in Australia forever. Roxy Miller: Don't think you've got much choice. Jay Everitt: [off-screen] I can't hear you! So bud, I want you to go through the moves with Sue; Show her the warmup routine we just did and hey, raise the roof. "During an interview published on the Channel 5 website, Meagher revealed that he did not audition for Alf and the producers originally saw him for the role of Tom Fletcher (eventually played by Roger Oakley). Josh: It kind of reminds me of one of those shrines that a serial killer makes. Alf: Mate, I know I'm a barman but do you really think I need to hear all this? Pippa: Yeah, I know. Jade: Mum, how can you not celebrate nineteen years? [both fall off cliff]. You long-haired greenie, left-wing yahoo! Tug: [Justifying his actions for punching Shane during the performance] Ever since he got out of jail, he's been after me. Celia Stewart: [to Betty Falwell after Lance tells Celia he gave all of his money away to charity] God gave him a big heart, Pity he forgot about the brain. [Irene tries to grab him but he gets away]. Tug O'Neale: [Tug sees Shane putting up a sign for the musical outside the surf club] Sign's a bit low. You know you ca't tell me who I can and can't hang out with. [Adam chuckles as he pockets the coin]. If you wanna do that; go outside. Willie: Yes, Officer. [Alf rears back and punches Nathan in the jaw, causing him to fall onto the bonnet of the car].