Our goal is to provide trees that will contribute to a long-lived, healthy community forest. Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson 2. This cultivar is resistand to Japanese Beetle and Gypsy Moth. Fast growing with silver green foliage. Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' Trees. Fragrant summer blooming flowers are yellow. Very fragrant, yellowish white flowers bloom in June and July and are attractive to bees. Dark green leaves are silvery underneath. Ulmus 'New Horizon' - New Horizon Elm . Description of the plant: 'Sterling Silver' (also listed as 'Sterling') - This is a neat, large-growing tree that reaches 90' tall with a dense crown and ascending branches. It is heat and drought tolerant. Dark green leaves are strikingly silver and fuzzy underneath causing the tree to appear to shimmer in the breeze. Deciduous tree, 50-70 ft (15-21 m) tall, dense, often with a rounded crown, erect branches. The Kaspar Process We take an ecological approach to horticulture, with function and habitat serving as key, rather than just aesthetics. Choose Sterling Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling') and you'll get the sophistication you crave. 23216 Telegraph Road 734-692-3400 September 18, 2009 Forestry Division 2009 Fall Tree Planting Attention Mr. Steve Printz • G Brownstown, M148134 fax 734-692-3444 This is a confirmation to the City ofNovi thatJames Brothers is aware ofthe Scope ofWork involved and The foliage flutters in the slightest breeze, showcasing the silver and green leaf colors. Tilia tomentosa ‘Sterling’ Sterling Silver Linden 3. Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling Silver' Characteristics Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' Sterling Silver Linden A deciduous tree noted for its attractive leaves, light green above and silvery underneath, giving the canopy a glimmering glow as wind rustles through them. The fuzzy heart-shaped leaves are highly ornamental and turn an outstanding gold in the fall. Tomentosa, from their botanical name, refers to their downy texture. Tilia tomentosa STERLING SILVER ('Wandell') An American cultivar that grows more loosely and smaller than the species does. The foliage offers great interest, as the leaves emerge silvery and retain their blue-silver undersides all season. Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' Sterling Silver Linden. ©2014 - 2020 Halka Nurseries Inc. | Website Design & Marketing by Creare Web SolutionsWebsite Design & Marketing by Creare Web Solutions Tilia (TIL-ee-uh) Species: tomentosa (toh-men-TOH-suh) Cultivar: Sterling: Additional cultivar information: (PP6511, aka Sterling Silver) Hybridized : by Wandell: Registered or introduced: 1986: Synonym: Tilia argentea: Synonym: Tilia petiolaris Deep green, glossy, heart-shaped leaves turn bright golden yellow in fall. It is very uniform. Tilia tomentosa Green Mountain Silver Linden is a rapidly growing tree that develops a handsome, dense crown. Dark green, fuzzy, heart-shaped leaves have a silvery backside which shimmer in the wind. As a specialty nursery, we focus on growing high quality plants that are native or … This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Young Silver Linden. Height 12 - 15 m, width up to approx. Tilia tomentosa is the only member of Section Astrophilyra (characterised by stellate hairs beneath the leaves) native to western Asia or Europe; the majority, including some which quite closely resemble Silver Lime, are found several thousand miles away in East Asia (Pigott 2012). Very resistant to pollution and pests. A significant feature of this tree is the contrast of the top and bottom of … Introduction. – Tilia tomentosa “Sterling Silver” (also called “Sterling”). Herb: Silver Lime Latin name: Tilia tomentosa Synonyms: Tilia alba, Tilia argentea Family: Tiliaceae (Linden Family) Medicinal use of Silver Lime: A tea made from the flowers is antispasmodic, diaphoretic and sedative. A deciduous tree, Silver Linden has a Very fragrant, yellowish white flowers bloom in June and July. ... 'Sterling', reportedly resistant to gypsy moth and Japanese beetle; and 'Wandell', broadly pyramidal form, leaves reportedly resistant to Japanese beetle. ‘JFS Bieberich’ Emerald Sunshine Elm 7. It features subtle clusters of fragrant yellow flowers with tan bracts hanging below the branches in early summer. Tilia americana ‘DTR 123’ Legend American Linden 4. Lustrous, dark green leaves are silvery underneath and shimmer in the wind. One of the best Silver Linden cultivars, these tasteful trees feature leaves with "fuzzy" undersides which help resist pests. It grows best in dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils and has a great tolerance of drought and urban conditions. 10 m. 'Wandell' has a good straight main branch on which upwards-slanting branches grow, thus forming a completely symmetrical crown. Tilia americana 'McKSentry' Sweet Street™ Linden. Oak . 10 m. 'Wandell' has a good straight main branch on which upwards-slanting branches grow, thus forming a completely symmetrical crown. Tilia tomentosa Sterling 15 gal Linden Tree. Ulmus x ‘Frontier’ Frontier Elm 8. Botanical name for Green Mountain Silver Linden trees - Tilia tomentosa Green Mountain. While it is difficult to transplant, it does make a good honey plant and casts dense shade. Sterling Silver Linden. JOHNSON. Leaves alternate, simple, rounded, about 5-10 cm wide and long, abruptly pointed, base heart shaped, coarsely serrated, dark green above and gray-tomentose below. Silver LindenTilia tomentosa Beautiful shade tree with light gray, smooth bark and leaves that are a dark, radiant green on top, shimmering silver beneath. Plant Description: Medium to large deciduous tree with a broadly pyramidal form. Sterling Silver Linden Growing and Maintenance Tips Adaptable to many types of soils and tolerant of urban conditions, this tilia is a good, shade tree for any lawn, park landscape or as a street tree. Its unique leaves are dark green on top, but underneath they reveal a silvery-white. More tolerant to heat than other species. Ulmus americana 'Princeton' - Princeton Elm . Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' American Sentry ® Linden. 2 Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' and Tilia americana 'Legend' are less susceptible than other lindens. Symmetrical tree with a broad pyramidal shape. Tilia tomentosa Figure 1. 1). Full sun. Very large plant, it reaches 27-28 m in height, with dense foliage and upward branches. Silver Linden1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2 INTRODUCTION Rapidly growing 50 to 70 feet in height with a spread of 40 to 60 feet, Silver Linden could be quite popular for use as a shade, specimen, or street tree (Fig. Sterling Silver Linden has attractive dark green foliage with silver undersides throughout the season. Tilia tomentosa: Silver Linden 1. Taxodium d. ‘Shawnee Brave’ Col. Bald Cypress 6. Acer miyabei ‘Morton’ State Street Miyabe Maple 5. TILIA TOMENTOSA STERLING (Compact Oval canopy; Dark Green Foliage w/ Slivery White backside) A good cultivar for planting in dry locations and is known to be resistant to Japanese beetle. Young shoots gray-tomentose (hairy). New foliage emerges silver, and matures through shades of light green and creamy yellow before dropping in the fall. Description Tilia tomentosa STERLING SILVER ('Wandell') An American cultivar that grows more loosely and smaller than the species does. Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' - Sterling Silver Linden . Description Tilia tomentosa prefers moist, well-drained soil but will grow in a range of soil types. It is noted for its attractive foliage, which is glossy green above and silvery-white below. Gold foliage in the fall. Silver Linden Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling' 45 x 35. fall color. Ulmus 'Homestead' - Homestead Elm . Ulmus prop. Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosa) $ 35.00 Silver linden is a nonnative, environmentally adapted tree for the northern plain states. Tilia 'Harvest Gold' 35 x 25. fall color. This Handbook, being prepared for the use of the members of the British Association, at their meeting in Birmingham, in 1886, it is deemed desirable to preface it by a very brief sketch of the progress of the town since the first meeting here of the Association in 1839, a period only three years short of half a century. Extremely fragrant clusters of yellow-white flowers bloom in late June to early July. Tilia tomentosa Sterling® Sterling® Linden Visit http://www.robinsonnursery.com for our list of bare root trees, shrubs & containers Sterling® is a rapid grower to 50”, somewhat smaller than the species. P: (732) 462-8450 F: (732) 409-2705. Excellent street tree. Tsuga canadensis - Canadian Hemlock . Halka Nurseries Inc. 240 Sweetmans Lane Millstone Township, NJ 08535. Tilia americana 'Kromm' US PPAF. Height 12 - 15 m, width up to approx. INTRODUCTION. Ulmus 'Frontier' - Frontier Elm . 2"-$250.00. $229.00. Tilia Sterling (Sterling Silver Linden) Tilia tomentosa - Commonly called silver linden or European white linden. Why it rocks: Green Mountain® Silver Linden is a great shade tree for any yard. Sawtooth Oak Quercus acutissima. The lower page of the leaves remains of the same initial silver tone without diminishing. Least Favored by Japanese Beetle. This plant has a few forms: it has a pyramidal form when young, becomes upright and oval with age, has erect branches, broad pyramidal, and is dense. Tilia americana x cordata: Glenleven: Littleleaf Linden : Tilia cordata: Corinthian Greenspire: Silver Linden : Tilia tomentosa : Green Mountain Sterling Silver Lining: Elm hybrids* Ulmus sp. 45' H x 30' W. View full product details 5'-$75.00. Deciduous tree with a broad, oval habit. Photos of Green Mountain Silver Linden tree. A symmetrical tree with a broad pyramidal shape. 50 x 40. wildlife. 2. BY G.J. Tilia Tomentosa ‘Sterling’ Sterling Silver Linden Categories: Botanical Name , Common Name , Container Trees & Shrubs , Linden , Planting Zone , Tilia , Zone 5

tilia tomentosa 'sterling

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